Google announced that Google Optimize is officially out of the beta stage… and FREE. FOR. EVERYONE.

What is Google Optimize exactly?

Google Optimize is a tool that allows you to perform A/B tests on your website. It is the free version of its more advanced (and pricier) sister Optimize 360.

Why does A/B testing matter?

A/B testing has been a game-changing tactic in digital marketing because of its ability to provide real-time concrete data to inform decisions. Goodbye guesswork.

Example: The CEO of a company believes that the promotion of a mid-year sale should be advertised in blue on the homepage of their retail website. The web design and marketing team disagree and believe putting the words against a red background will drive more sales. By A/B testing each design, the company can make the objective call of which to run based on performance.

Google Optimize A/B Testing for Website Design in Philadelphia

While Google is known as a trailblazer of marketing, it’s not the first to tap into A/B testing. There are many long-standing A/B testing vendors, such as Monetate, that have mastered the art of testing and optimization. The real advantage of Google Optimize, however, is that it syncs up with your historical website data collected on Google Analytics making for some super data-rich results.

Google Optimize is geared for small to medium-sized companies, allowing those businesses with smaller budgets to experience the benefits of A/B testing. And if the price alone isn’t enough of a reason to give Optimize a try, the easy installation and usability are.

The Optimize visual editor allows you to make drag-and-drop edits to the appearance of your site. This includes colors of text and buttons, messaging, different images, positioning and more.
To learn more, check out Google Optimize site to see the full range of capabilities.