Approaching my final year as a design student at West Chester University, I knew I needed to find an internship to get some real-world experience in the graphic design field. 

What I didn’t know was that I’d stumble upon an awesome design agency surrounded by the charm of Old City. Now that my time with Push10 is coming to an end, I thought I’d share few things I’ll be taking away with me. Here goes!

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Meetings, meetings, more meetings.

First thing Monday morning on my first day as a design intern at Push10, it was time for the weekly staff meeting. It set the tone for the way Push10 works — interoffice communication is super important here, and it’s a core element to creating a comfortable environment for sharing ideas. Since that very first all-hands staff meeting, I’ve been a part of many meetings, whether they be staff-wide, design team only, marketing check-ins, and so on. It’s a great way to break up the day and socialize with coworkers.

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Push the envelope.

This team, as the name suggests, is always looking to push boundaries and go beyond the expectations of a project. As a fly on the wall of many creative discussions (all of which were pretty impressive), I realized that no dream is too big and no concept is too far off-base. Awesome suggestions are constantly flowing and the ingenuity is inspiring.

Design with development in mind.

The designers and developers here work hand-in-hand, and it’s really beneficial as a designer to see how a site is created from both ends. By learning to understand and appreciate the process on the other side, the final design result is more effective, easier to use, and more valuable.

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Design can be so much more.

Push10 isn’t the type of design agency that churns out projects like robots. The team does so much more than just make beautiful and functional websites. They develop a voice and an identity that’s custom to each client. They do their due diligence with every project to learn the client, its goals, and its customers’ needs. This helped for every project to stand out — and thinking about the life of a project beyond a website helps to generate an even more interesting design.

Work can actually be enjoyable.

Probably one of the best things I can take away from Push10 is that work doesn’t have to suck. Everyone here loves what they do, and their passion is what makes them great. It’s a laid-back environment that still gets the job done. The creative, friendly ambiance leaves you feeling invigorated and makes you look forward to coming back the next day. Getting to pet Kody helps too!

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I learned so much during my internship with Push10. I can’t wait to bring those real-world lessons back to school with me this semester. This experience has better prepared me for the workforce, giving me the skills I need to do amazing work that I’m proud of. As far as finding a great design agency…Push10 set the bar pretty damn high, that’s for sure!