As the owner of an award-winning branding agency, the last thing I want to do is seem unsure of the brands we create, especially our own brand.

However, we are currently re-analyzing our the Push10 brand and I thought I’d share our experience with you to illustrate just how challenging it can be to create an effective brand strategy that adapts as your business changes.

It all started three years ago as I sat in a conference for creative business owners. The speaker asked that we write our agency positioning statement to differentiate our firms. He went on to say that most of you will likely write something like “we are a creative studio that does good design, blah, blah, blah.” I did not want to fall into this painfully generic trap. I thought to myself, “but we do damn good design!” And the Push10 “Damn Good Design” brand was born.

Now, you can see the “Damn Good” stamp featured in our proposals, plastered on our wall, and displayed prominently on our website’s homepage. The latter has recently resulted in some concern over the effectiveness of our brand’s core message.

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Like many businesses, Push10 has grown and adapted over the years. We have graduated from a small graphic design studio and are now providing clients with a much wider range of creative services. Unfortunately, our beloved “damn good design” messaging has not kept pace. In fact, recent user testing of our new website revealed that users were confused about who Push10 is and what we do. “I think they are some kind of graphic design studio?” was common feedback. As a brand strategy agency offering comprehensive services, this feedback is not ideal. However, customer feedback is the best way to point out that the image you think you are putting forth, isn’t necessarily what is being received by your audience. In order to align what you want people to see with what they actually see, you may have to tweak your branding.

The point being, branding isn’t easy. And no matter how effective your original strategy was when you first implemented it, it may not suit your company evolves and changes over time. “Think Different” was great for Apple when they were seen as a small and quirky computer company. But as they grew into the technology giant they are today, they ditched their slogan and adopted the lowercase “i” as a way to brand their products. Branding is so much more than a logo design – it’s positioning, messaging, tone, style, visuals and more. And it’s not quick or cheap.

So where does your company stand? Do you struggle to differentiate your company from the competition and accurately communicate your core service offerings to clients and prospects?

If so, we’d love to learn more about your brand story and see what the Push10 team can do to help! Please contact us and tell us a bit about yourself, your brand goals, and priorities. We’d be happy to discuss how our brand strategies help create, evolve and improve positioning to form a solid foundation for future growth in the years ahead.

And what will become of Damn Good Design? Stay tuned…